It is the Catalunya National Day and a public holiday both in Barcelona and Catalonia region of Spain.

The holiday was first celebrated on 11th September 1886. Barcelona celebrates the

"Diada Nacional de Catalunya" (often just called "La Diada") at many locations in the city.

There is strong support among part of the Catalan population for full independence from Spain

and there are many nationalist organisations that organise events. 

Many local residents also take advantage of the holiday and leave the city for a long weekend called la Puente de la Diada.


The diada is often referred to as independence day, but the 11th September commemorates

the siege and final fall of Barcelona in 11th September 1714, when Catalunya was on the losing

side of the Spanish war of Sucession. Catalonia fought in support of the Habsburg

dynasty's claim to the Spanish throne. When the Bourbon dynasty won the conflict Catalanya

lost much of its autonomy and special Catalan rights and became more unified with Spain

following an brutal oppression by the first Bourbon King Philip V of Spain.

The siege of Barcelona lasted 14 months in total.


Via Catalana 2014

Start at 17.14 (5.14 pm) on 11 September 2014.

The Via Catalana 2014 aims to form a massive 11km V-shaped line of people in a peaceful demonstration

that aims to fill the two main Barcelona streets of Avinguda Diagonal and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes

de Barcelona This huge "V" of people will depict the colours of the Catalan national flag "la senyera"

colours using T-shirts worn by the particpants. The 200,000 sqm V symbolises 'Vote', 'Victory'

and 'Will' words which all start with 'V' in Catalan. Catalan human towers "castells"

will be constructed throughout V demonstration. The Via Catalana 2014 demonstration means

that traffic in Barcelona will be affected from 3pm and 8pm.

The height of the protest is at the time 17.14 on 11th September 2014, so expect traffic

disruptions and congestion at metro stations.

 Location: From Diagonal Avenue at Plaça Glories and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes

(between the Glories Plaza and Plaza Cerdà).


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