Off Room

Welcome to our new project: OFF ROOM

Hostal Grau offers you a very special room ....

Like the other rooms, you will sleep and will feel like at home.

But this room hides a secret ...

In Hostal Grau we believe in the importance of getting a good night´s sleep and we think in our house you will have the best rest you can. Nowadays we are surrounded by appliances, electronic devices, power grids, own and external wifi, mobile phones and many other sources with electromagnetic fields at different levels and frequencies that can negatively affect overall health and brain health, such as insomnia, constant headaches, blurred vision and ringing in ears, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms and which is worse : the electrohypersensitivity and electro-sensitivity.

In an urban environment it is impossible to avoid all this exposure but we can try to ensure a good and healthy rest. The sleep period is essential to physical, cognitive and emotional well being, detoxification, and replenishing energy and cellular repair in order to reduce oxidative stress and free radicals, an increase in melatonin production and a better cell function in our body and longevity. Thank you to  GREEN ROOM HOTELS who has started and coordinated this project, as the cooperation with IFLEXIO and ANTENAS Nunez , we got the project of the first room where we offer the best relaxing experience by reducing electromagnetic radiations. We study the different radiation affecting the environment and after taking some desions we carried out some actions to reduce them to the maximum. All these actions led us to create this first pilot project called the "OFF ROOM". 

Thanks to  iFLEXIO we have applied a special carbon paint based screen acting as protection against high electromagnetic fields sources like external cellular antennas and wifi access point. They have also supplied and installed a device called Bioswitch that frees from the low frequency electric fields when switches or outlets are not being used in the room. With the help of ANTENAS NUÑEZ,we used an Internet access that allows the ethernet cable connection or use it as wifi antenna with an individual and unique setting for the room to adjust the power to the minimum and be able to get a rest position to almost zero emission of radiation in the absence of connection demand .

Finally, and as in the other rooms, LA MAISON BARCELONA has provided all beds made of natural materials NATURALMAT . Our naturalmat beds are made of 100% natural and organic, free from any metal component and chemical or synthetic substances that allows us to live a unique sleep experience.

The OFF ROOM concept will soon be available in more rooms of the hotel.

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