Due to the exceptional situation that the world is experiencing, Eco Hostal Grau had to close its doors last March.

Now more than ever we must think of small and independent companies.

As a family business, we are adapting to all the hygienic and safety measures that the health department requires and we are committed to maintaining the job of all our workers.

They also have families and expenses to attend to. Solidarity is essential.

We want our guest not to worry to visit us because they will be staying in a hotel that will follow all the legal hygienic measures .

The collaboration of all people, especially the one that comes from our clients and hotel staff, will be essential to be able to carried out this situation in the safest possible way.

Be patient and follow the rules.

Who doesn’t feel like traveling again?

See you very soon.



Important Note:  Before opening our doors , all of our employees will be tested for coronavirus.

Personal hygiene and protective equipment

– Ensure the availability of material for personal hygiene: hand soap in the toilets and hydro-alcoholic gel for those workers that do not have access to running water.

– Provide staff with single-use tissues to cover their mouths and hands, when coughing or sneezing, wash their hands immediately.

– Provide bins with lid and opening pedal for waste disposal.

– Allow workers at all times to leave their position to wash their hands.

– Inform all staff about the rules of personal hygiene, through posters or others (how to wash their hands correctly, how to act in case of coughing or sneezing, etc.).

– Provide masks to those workers who, due to their functions, cannot keep the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters.


Cleaning and disinfection of facilities

We are still evaluating which products will be the most suitable for our establishment , but as a sustainable hotel, we were already working with anti-bacterial and anti- fungal and to us is very important that they do not harm the environment.

We are also working on the idea of ozono cleaning for common áreas.

At the moment we are committed to:

– Increase the frequency and intensify of the áreas with risky surfaces: door knobs, railings and handrails, buttons for the coffee machine, elevator buttons, countersigning machine, tables for common use, taps, etc.) .

– Keep a record of the cleaning and disinfection of each area.

– Provide the staff with the necessary materials to clean their áreas of work and give them some spare time to carry out this task.

– Ventilate work spaces.

– In case of using cleaning material shared with other workers, disinfect these before using.

– Disinfect clients’ room cards.

Action in case any worker shows symptoms:

  1. If you have symptoms compatible with coronavirus (dry cough, fever, and / or breathing difficulties), notify the Person Responsible.
  2. The Responsible:

– He/She will show up, equipped with gloves and a mask, staying 2 meters away to find out what the situation is.

– He/She will provide the person with gloves and a mask, trying to keep calm.

– He/Sheask about symptoms, general condition, ability to drive, always trying to keep this person safe.

– He/She will ask about the possible contacts he has had during the day and previous days, about the spaces where they has been (toilets, common areas, coffee machine) and the work equipment they has used.

– He/She will inform the Delegates of Prevention of the situation.

  1. All persons with whom they have had contact will be notified, informing them to stay where they are, to keep 2 meters away from their colleagues and not to touch surfaces.
  2. The surfaces and work equipment that the affected person has touched will be disinfected.
  3. The affected person will stay in a separate place.

– If you are able to drive, you will be instructed to go home and notify all members of family and friends with whom you have had contact in the last week.

– If they are not able to drive or go alone, you will be confined in a separate place, and it will be the Responsible for Emergency who contacts the Public Health Department/ Risk Prevention Service to find out how to proceed..

  1. The Responsible:

– He/She will contact the workers who have had contact with the possible infected, to see the traceability, and to know what other workers they have contacted. They will all have to fill out a list of GUIDE FOR MONITORING NARROW CONTACTS COVID-19

– He/She will contact the cleaning staff to clean: toilets, the common areas of the infected person, etc….

– He/She will check the list of sensitive personnel, to guarantee the null contact, in case of doubts they will be sent home, and will report this to the Public Health Department.