Continuous commitment In Hostal Grau we strive to make the environmental impact of our activity as minimal as possible, but in contrast we work so that our presence leaves a big and positive impression in the neighborhood and with all of our clients, workers and collaborators. In 2015 we designed a Strategic Plan for Sustainability that has become our roadmap, and that helps us improve day by day. Our commitment is sustained in multiple ways, taking into account environmental, social and cultural aspects. This is an important effort and a lot of dedication, but it rewards us with the knowledge that we are doing everything in our power to be faithful to our principles. Efficiency Both in water and in energy, we continuously monitor our consumption, which helps us evaluate the indicators on how to continue reducing what we use. In all our rooms the lighting is through LED lights and all of the taps are low consumption. Reducing energy consumption in the future will be the regeneration of air conditioning installations scheduled mid-term. We will also shortly start up the system for the reuse of the gray water of the hotel that will be used for filtering the plant wall installed on our rear façade. Waste The three “Rs” define our waste policy: We reduce as much as possible in the waste that we generate, ensuring that products we buy come in the most minimal of packaging and buying in bulk to further reduce our potential waste. We also reuse with the philosophy of converting waste into resources, giving things at least a second use. For example, we use PET bottles for the bathroom soap in the rooms, which we fill over and over again, or by donating to different social entities the products that we no longer use in the hotel such as bedding and furniture or computer and electronic equipment. And, finally, we recycle. To facilitate this task we have paper bins made of natural wood with recycled pallets in each floor of the building, to divide up paper and cardboard, plastic containers and glass. We also recycle some of our furniture and refurbish them with new designs becoming part of the decoration of the Hostel again. Where we can’t recycle, there are bins available in each room. Sustainable mobility The activity that has the greatest impact on the environment when traveling is the act of traveling. It is difficult to choose how you get to us if you come from afar, but once you have arrived at our house we like to promote sustainable mobility among our clients. Luckily, we are located right in the center of Barcelona and very close to the Hostal you will find, just a few minutes away by foot, a wide range of activities and services. For when the distances are longer our recommendation is to take a bicycle. There are km and km of bike lanes that allow you to move around the city safely. We facilitate your use of bicycles with the advantages you will find in our section “Move by bike”. Near Hostal Grau you have metro, bus and train stations; public transport is also a good option for excursions outside of Barcelona. And if you need something more specific, at Hostal Grau we work with the Eco-Taxi company that only uses hybrid vehicles to minimize the environmental impact of travel.