Indoor environment Health is something that is of fundamental importance to us. In Hostal Grau the paints we use are eco-friendly with no VOC content, we do not use synthetic varnishes when protecting our natural wood floors or chemical products for cleaning (always ecological). In addition, most of our furniture is made of FSC certified wood and our beds are made of 100% organic natural products. Our concern for health motivated us to be part of the OFF ROOM pilot project, which we are still working on today, to implement the OFF ROOM concept in several of our rooms and guarantee a better rest experience through the minimization of electromagnetic radiation. Natural fragrance We take care with everything that touches the senses of our guests and that’s why we have our own fragrance to scent the interior spaces. It is made with handmade products from the distillation of 100% natural aromatic plants, under phyto-aromatic, sociological and ecological health parameters. Our  aroma, with sweet and balanced notes, invites you to let yourself be enveloped by an almost zen comfort, leading to pleasant restful dreams and well-being. Above all this allows us to create peaceful spaces with high air quality in indoor environments. Complimentary products In the bathrooms, Cítrics del Pla supplies us with hand soap made from natural lavender and a shower gel made from almond oil, red algae, natural vitamin E, glycerin and lemon and tangerine citrus essential oils. Products are 100% natural and without any elements deriving from petroleum, nor parabens, nor synthetic dyes. We put a lot of care into all the products that we offer in the Lounge, such as the Café Pergamino natural coffee (with traceability of the grain to the cup), our infusions and teas (of organic crops), and our homemade cakes made with local products.