Low radiation Room

In Hostal Grau we believe in the importance of rest, and from the beginning our great motivation was to turn our spaces into exquisite centers of relaxation and tranquility. With the help of Green Room Hotels, which coordinated and conceived the project, and with the participation, among others, of Naturalmat and Antenas Nuñez, we have prepared our first room where we offer an optimal rest experience thanks to the reduction of electromagnetic radiation. We studied the radiation that affected one of our rooms and carried out a series of actions to reduce them as much as possible. The set solutions we found have been recognized under the OFF ROOM concept and consists of:

  • A coating of acrylic and carbon paint by the brand YShield, to shield electromagnetic radiations of high frequencies such as those caused by mobile telephone systems or Wi-Fi networks.
  • A Bioswitch that removes low frequency electromagnetic fields when the switches or sockets in the room are not used.
  • An Internet access point that allows connection by ethernet cable or by wifi, with an individual adjustment which reduces the power to the minimum when not in use, and with almost zero emission of radiation in the absence of an active connection.
  • A bed with 100% natural and organic materials, free of any metallic component and of chemical or synthetic substances.

The OFF ROOM concept will soon be available in other rooms of the house. Here you will find a video where the OFF ROOM project is explained in greater detail.