Hostal Grau

Our work and collaboration with social entities is constant. Here are some projects and some of the companies with which we collaborate regularly.

  • L’estoc: Restoration and recycling of furniture. In each room of the hotel there is at least one piece of furniture that has been made by them.
  • Fundació Tallers: In our store we sell the Endorphines, bijouterie made by people with disabilities who work with this company.
  • #HomelessEntrepreneur: Hostal Grau has collaborated on the Andrew Funk project to give opportunities to homeless people.
  • Fundació Intermedia: Foundation that assists people with social and employment vulnerability. Hostal Grau has collaborated and will continue to collaborate with them through talks to young people looking for work.
  • Café Pergamino: The complimentary coffees in our Lounge provides an added social value as it is sourced, directly from local producers. The profit is invested back in the territory, in the improvement of the production processes, and in the working conditions of the workers.
  • Entities within the neighborhood: donation of furniture, bedding, computer equipment and electronic material to local charities and support groups.

We carry out activities to raise money for the investigation of different diseases.

We also collect donations through the cakes we offer in the Lounge, where people who want to participate can and thus we reach different entities and social projects. Every year we share through our blog and social networks the amounts collected and the entities or projects to which the funds have gone.