There are phrases that leave a mark forever. My grandfather always told me, “Home is not like anywhere else!” In Hostal Grau we have created a home where you feel free, comfortable and surrounded by people that matter to you; this is our spirit. Forget that you are a guest and feel at home. We open our doors to welcome travelers from all over the world who, like you, want a close, familiar treatment, and to enjoy Barcelona in a unique way.

Our hope is that in this urban oasis you will find and enjoy a local, sustainable and unique experience in the heart of the city. We know how important it is to feel at ease at the end of the day, and we want our guests to return after discovering the charms of the city with the feeling of coming home.

It motivates us to improve day by day and to continue being a benchmark of small authentic and charming accommodations here in the city of Barcelona, ​​because in Hostal Grau: We go slow to go far


The building that houses Hostal Grau dates back to 1862. In 1939, after the Civil War ended, Centric Bar opened its doors for the first time and grandma Mercedes invented the recipe for one of the most famous vermouths among merchants and visitors to the area. Its location and its character made it one of the literary reference points, credited in works by the likes of writers such as Josep Pla or Roberto Bolaño.

In 1960, in the same building, he opened a guesthouse called Hosteria Grau, the first version of what is currently Hostal Grau. In 1993 the owner’s son, Fèlix Grau, carried out the first major transformation to turn Hostal Grau into a home for those traveling far from home.

Following the death of Fèlix Grau, I, Mónica Vallejo, took charge of the family business; surrounding myself with family and friends who made me believe in the project of Hostal Grau. After several months of reflection, at the end of 2012, we decided to bet on a new concept for the hotel. We believed that the time had come to take a step forward and we committed to creating a place with a healthy environment, respectful of the surroundings and, above all, respectful of the Fèlix heritage. And we did it.

My children Janpol and Noah and my husband Eddy, have been fundamental to achieving the objectives of the new Hostal Grau and every day they help me to continue with the same enthusiasm on this path.

And when thinking about family, I cannot forget my mother. A struggling woman who believed in me from the beginning and who gave me the opportunity to continue and succeed with the family business.


Mr and Mrs Grau
The hotel Bar-Centric Bar 1940
Hostal Grau now.
Monica and Eddy
Janpol and Noah
Monica, Janpol and Noah


The essence of Hostal Grau is composed of the people that form part of the team, that with the utmost effort and involvement work every day to ready our house for those who visit us.

Hostal Grau equipo
Staff: Team-building Day
Monica and Cristina: having a break
Cristina-Lidia-Dani and Faus


Hostal Grau would not be complete without the team of people that support and work with us. All of the people that are an ongoing part of this project have grown up with values ​​of hospitality, respect and effort, all of which have helped us to prepare our house for you with a smile from ear to ear.

Rosa Bramona: Great friend, decorator, stylist of the house and responsible for the interior design of our new stage. It took the length of a coffee to convince her of my ideas and realize that we understood each other perfectly. Thanks to her work and professionalism, she has managed to adapt all of my sketches and create the perfect atmosphere in Hostal Grau.

EIG (Eco Intelligent Growth): They have been with us since we began upgrading to obtain LEED certification. With special thanks to Ignasi Cubiña, Cristina Sendra and Jordi Monjo for their dedication to the project, which is still ongoing, for the positive strength, and all the knowledge that they have shared with us about the concept of the circular economy.

Naturalmat: They are responsible for the unique rest experience of our clients. Thanks to their natural and organic bedding materials you will sleep just like at home. A very special thanks to Mark Tremlett for believing in our project.

La Maison Barcelona: As official suppliers of Naturalmat, La Maison Barcelona is one of the best spaces for home decoration supplies; selling beautiful furniture, fabrics, wallpapers and furnishings. David and Helena, thank you very much for always making the road so easy.

Green Room Hotels: Our advisors in getting a step further in the field of sustainability, and our everyday support in being a little more Green in every way. Many thanks above all to Dani, for his insistence in making me see that we could go further, and above all for his dedication, his advice and his ideas.

SmartDeco: Communication company led by Monica Lafuente, who I have to thank for all her ideas and advice. Thank you for being by my side in difficult times.

L’Estoc: There are good companies, and then there are special companies. L’estoc, directed by Jordi Mayals, is one of these specials ones. A project that works with care, professionalism, in giving opportunities to people with adaptation problems and offering them dignified work opportunities. Jordi, for your support and generosity, thank you very much.

Let s Pause: The project led by Monica Lafuente and Helena Valsells is based on natural furnishings. There are ideas and businesses that seem predestined to be understood, and with these ladies I have truly felt this understanding. It is a pride to have your furniture in Hostal Grau.

Aromalaboratory: We have customized our own fragrance with natural aromas. Monica, thank you for your involvement and effort in extracting an aroma that symbolizes what Hostal Grau represents.

Joan Bramona: Graphic designer, responsible for a good part of the design that you can see in the paintings on the walls and in the house signage. Here is someone with the ability to transmit our spirit with the brush.

Frescota: Responsible for the new website and the new corporate image of Hostal Grau. Thank you for helping me to convey my mission.

CA2L: With Jordi Calera leading the project, the hotel’s LED lighting is a huge success. Thank you for the patience, confidence and persistence with one of the most ambitious projects of Hostal Grau.

Rehab: The construction company that carried out the last phase of the work. Above all thanks to Josep and Marina, collaborators and friends who helped us complete a stage of the project that made us eternally grateful.

Kilowat Instalserveis: Responsible for the electrical installations in the hotel. We thank Jordi and Susana for their help, without which it would not have been possible to continue in our mission.

Vivers Ter: Creators of our vertical garden with a special thanks to Álex and his knowledge in chosing the babylon system for our garden.