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Mission, vision and values


Our mission

To care for our guests like family members by making sure they enjoy our home and our city, Barcelona, as if they were their own.

Our vision

Our planet is our home. This is why at Hostal Grau we are committed to being a 100% sustainable hotel and offering our guests everything they need for a unique experience.

Our values

Proximity and discretion: we're here for you when you need us, and the rest of the time enjoy our hotel the way you want, like you were at home. That's luxury. That's why we like to say that we're: Small, Urban & Green.

Quality: We promise to ensure that each product and service is the best possible.

Solidarity: We place collective well-being above everything else. We extrapolate this to social welfare in general. We help disadvantaged people in the ways we can, and we are committed to partnering with companies or foundations that work with individuals with functional diversity.

Trust: Because our workers are trusted, they are trustworthy.

Teamwork: This helps us be more tolerant and respectful of others. The ideas contributed by a group are enriching and always add, but never detract.

Get to know our team

Originality: It is very difficult to be original in the hotel world, but we are original in the way we treat and deal with our guests.

Simplicity: Being simple doesn’t mean being less competitive; it simply means focusing on achievable objectives and gradually adding new ones.
Humanity: Anticipating a person’s feelings, sensations and problems helps you have more empathy and feel like you are cared for and helped.