At Hostal Grau, we take care of our clients as we do with family or friends and what we do this way because we feel it because we travel and we believe that visiting a city ​​also implies getting to know who lives in it. This is one of the most important things that make your experience in Barcelona as authentic as possible. This is your home. We contribute to improving the quality of life of our guests.


Hostal Grau is committed to being a 100% sustainable hotel as far as it can. For us the respect for the planet, social responsibility and direct treatment with the client it must be something that is ahead of anything, now and in the future. We will not relax, we will continue improving. We want to be an example of many hotels.


Our relationship with our customers is very close. We are many people who value the human part much more than any other Luxury commodity that can be found in a hotel. This is our opinion and philosophy: familiar, green and human. Our values ​​are: Quality: We promise that the product or service is the best as possible. Solidarity: We search collective well-being before anything else. We extrapolate all this to our social welfare policy in general. We help in what we can to the most disadvantaged and we have the commitment of collaboration with companies or foundations that work with disabled people. Trust: We are what we receive. Happy workers make happy guests and this makes a business successful. Teamwork: It helps us to have more tolerance and respect with others. The contribution of ideas from a group of people enriches, always adds, never subtracts. Originality: It is very difficult to be original in the hotel industry, but we are original in the way we treat and address to our customers. Simplicity: Being simple does not mean being less competitive, it is simply betting on realistic goals and gradually incorporating new ones. Humanity: Anticipating the feelings, sensations, concerns… of our guests, helps us to be more empathetic and caring with them.