We personalize your stay

Live a personalized experience. The most important is the way you feel inside our home. Enjoying the present is what counts the most. Now you are here, at Hostal Grau and our receptionists will be very happy to help you during your stay and will offer different ways to get to know and live this experience as a local.

  • Genuine Tours : Unique tours. Ecotourism activities around Barcelona and Catalonia. You will learn to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity through knowledge, awareness and societal involvement. 
  • Live healthy : Practice sport-move by bike-new look. best way to move around Barcelona is by bike.Discounts at the gym and bicycle rentals. Hairdresser with organic products nearby the hotel.
  • Grau´s corner and lounge : Relax in our dining room and kitchen: How about trying our organic coffee? Or having a glass of wine? How about practicing yoga in the mornings? you can also bake a homemade cake. Getting ready our special weekends vermut hour. Coming soon.
  • We always think about families: If you want to take some time off, we can organize a babysitter for your children. Need to book in advance. We can also decorate the room specially for your kids to feel like home.
  • Get the most of your stay: We know that you will sleep like ever done in our organic beds . getting a good night sleep makes you happier.
  • Our welcome pack
  • Rent a bike
  • Parking Service nearby with discount
  • Trolley´s baby renting
  • A day in the gym
  • Time to change your look with organic products
  • Our local shop. You can take home a piece of Barcelona. You will find ecological products, with social, local and artisan values. We are introducing new products periodically so we don’t stop surprising you.

Conditions:It is important to book all these services in advance (except the gym) otherwise they will be subject to the availability.