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Antigen and PCR tests

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Wellis air disinfection system

Wellis Air only generates neutral OH. The Wellis ACTIVE solution is much more advantageous for air purification because it occurs 5 to 10 times more than average and can even disinfect the surface of objects. (Covid-19 can survive on metal surfaces for a long time.)

The OH radical eliminates hydrogen from the proteins that surround damaging bacteria and some viruses, such as the coronavirus, to destroy the structure of the protein and eliminate damaging microorganisms. Then it turns them into H2O molecules, which are not harmful for the human body.

The Wellis air purifier is a high-quality solution for indoor air that is totally different from typical filter-based air purifiers.

OH radicals are a natural purifying material with a strong oxidising power that purify the atmosphere by itself.

OH radicals are highly reactive, so they quickly combine with bacteria and viruses while also eliminating H atoms and prevent them from joining. The oxidation reaction of OH radicals is a billion times quicker and more than 13 times more effective than ozone.