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Now that you’re going to experience your own story, let us share ours with you.

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Family business

Family businesses are always a challenge, and this one is no exception. Life circumstances led me to take over Hostal Grau at a very young age. My grandparents left a small guesthouse where life unfolded quite differently. 

At first I was afraid, I had no experience, but I came across some people who helped me and encouraged me to keep going.

I know my father is very proud of me, wherever he is. I can only be thankful for having such a genuine spot in Barcelona.

The big transformation

Some years ago I decided to turn this place around and start the project that today has changed my life. Like all projects, it was long, costly and filled with ups and downs, but turning this guesthouse into a sustainable, environmentally friendly hotel was the right thing to do. During this process I changed a lot as a person, I grew up very fast, started to love nature more than ever and cahnge my way of living and thinking.

Hostal Grau, today

As I said, this challenge taught me how to change my lifestyle and my outlook. It taught me to value everything I have and use it to help people who need it. I feel that this is my mission. Our hotel is sustainable in all senses. We view social responsibility as a cornerstone of life, and having the hotel makes things much easier for us to contribute the most we can. Today I am pleased to open the doors of my house.