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Conscious interior design

The rehabilitation came with an environmental commitment to a project that follows the guidelines of the LEED green building certification. This green building standard is the most prestigious in the world and is based on a scoring system which measures buildings’ level of environmental respect and health. The solutions applied in the rehabilitation project enabled us to achieve LEED Gold Certification for Interior Design.

Our commitment to the past also led us to retain the essence of the place and its decades-old character. Recycled materials and wood characterise the space, which is designed for enjoyment and outdoors relaxation.

The interior design is warm, Mediterranean and natural, featuring recycled or restored materials. Most furniture has its makers’ signature: Let’s Pause, L’Estoc, El Drapaire and Tocafusta.

Decor plays a significant role in a building with so much history and in a hostel with such a clear desire to integrate into its environment. The rooms’ walls and windows are painted clean white with ecological paint, which confers health, light and life on the spaces. To contrast with the white, the wood gives the room a very welcoming warmth. The tables, headboards and mirrors, along with tree trunks from FSC certified forests, are used for the night stands.

Each room has its number carved in wood with a bouquet of flowers that changes with the seasons.

But if there is one thing that distinguishes our furniture, it's our beds. Our mattresses are made of natural, 100% organic material