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Healthy stay

Health is essential to us.

We recommend that you get around the city by bike or walking. Luckily, we're located in the heart of Barcelona, and you’ll find loads of activities and services just a few minutes’ walk from the Hostal.

You can rent a bicycle by the hour or day (advertise bicycle and electric scooter rentals here) Link with bike lanes, etc.

The air we breathe indoors is becoming more and more important.

At Hostal Grau, the paints we use are ecological and have no VOC contents. We do not use synthetic varnishes to protect our natural wooden floors or chemical cleaning products (our cleaning products are always ecological). Plus, most of our furniture is made of certified FSC wood, and our beds are made with natural 100% organic products

Wellis Air disinfection and purification system

The Wellis air purifier is a high-quality solution for interior air that is entirely different from typical filter-based air purifiers.

OH radicals are a natural purifying material with a strong oxidising power that purify the atmosphere itself.

OH radicals are highly reactive, so they quickly combine with bacteria and viruses while also eliminating H atoms and prevent them from joining. The oxidation reaction of OH radicals is a billion times quicker and more than 13 times more effective than ozone.

Our natural fragrance

We like to be careful with all aspects of our guests’ comfort, and this is why we have our own fragrance to scent the interior spaces. It is made with artisan products from the distillation of 100% natural aromatic plants under phytoaromatic, sociological and ecological health parameters. A scent with balanced sweet notes beckons you to be wrapped in almost Zen-like comfort, offering pleasant rest and a dreamy, well-being trip.

Natural bulk soap

We also care about your skin, and in the bathrooms, Cítrics del Pla supplies us with hand soap made of natural lavender and shower gel made of almond oil, red seaweed, natural vitamin E, glycerine and lemon and mandarin orange essential oils. 100% natural products without any petroleum by-products, parabens or synthetic colourings.


Waste management means lowering the amount of waste we produce to the maximum, while making sure that the products we buy contain the minimum packaging possible (if they are sold in bulk or large containers on the market). We also reuse things with the philosophy of turning waste into resources by giving them at least a second use. For example, we do this with PET containers for the hand soap in the bathrooms, which we fill and refill, or by sending all the products we no longer use like bedding, furniture or IT and electronic equipment to different social organisations. And finally, we recycle. To make this easier, on each floor of the building we have waste bins made of natural wood with recycled pallets where you can sort your waste into paper and cardboard, containers and glass.

1. Ecological paints. No VOC content. Without synthetic varnishes.

2. Beds made of 100% organic natural materials

3. Natural wood floors or recycled stoneware ceramic. We use ecological products for cleaning.

4. FSC certified wood furniture.

5. Natural lavender hand soap

6. 100% natural shower gel grown especially for us

7. 100% natural and organic own fragrance

8. Coffee Natural parchment Infusions from organic crops Homemade cakes with km0 products