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Off Room

This is why we created the OFF Room.

We call the set of solutions applied, which make this room so particular, the OFF Room. And what we have done is the following:


We have installed a bioswitch on the electrical outlets in the room which makes low-frequency electrical fields disappear when switches or outlets are not being used, such as when you are sleeping.

Paint to screen out radiation 

Under the white ecological paint in your room, we’ve applied another coat of special paint that screens out high-frequency electromagnetic radiation; that is, it prevents the radiation caused outside by the mobile telephone signals or Wi-Fi in neighbours’ houses or other rooms from entering.


Your Wi-Fi is special, too. You have a unique access point that enables you to individually control its power and adjust it only to what you need to have connectivity. No more, and no less.  

When you are not using it, it is in rest mode and emissions become as minimal as conventional devices. Or if you prefer, you can unplug it and use an Ethernet connection.


Your bed is a luxury, just like all the beds in the hotel. It is made with 100% organic materials, free of any metal components or chemical or synthetic substances.